Difference between Free VPN & Paid VPN

Free VPN Vs Paid VPN – Which One Is Better?

The VPN is a must tool that helps people to get secure, fast, and uninterrupted internet access. It hides your IP address and your current location that gets changed with another one. There are both free and paid VPN service providers in the market. This makes it a bit confusing for an individual to choose the best VPN for him. That is why, here we will cover the comparison of free VPN vs paid VPN. There is a rift between the choice of free VPN or paid VPN and we will show a complete clarification of this discourse. 

Comparison Of Free VPN VS Paid VPN

Check out the quick difference between paid vs free VPNs that will help you to choose the best after checking out their aspects:

Free VPNPaid VPN
Free VPNs offer a limited number of servers with limited speed.VPNs have a large number of servers with high speed.
It offers a limited bandwidth that doesn’t let you stream or browse unlimited.There is not any bandwidth limit so you can have an unlimited VPN service experience.
Free VPNs don’t provide multiple device connections with one subscription plan and not any 24/7 customer support.They usually support multiple device support with a 24/7 customer support option for solving customer problems.
They usually can’t bypass the geo-restriction of contents and have no reliable encryption policy.Paid VPN can easily unblock any geo-restriction of any streaming or gaming sources securely with the AES 256-bit encryption policy.

What Is A Free VPN?

To know the difference between a free VPN vs paid VPN, we are going to start with the free VPN. Free VPN offers its service to people for free you don’t have to pay for it. VPN works through servers and operating staff which is costly. Free VPN does not charge a subscription fee but they also earn the other way which makes free VPN not good.

How Do Free VPN Services Earn Money?

In this comparison of paid vs free VPN, one thing is common that they both earn by providing their services. Here are some of them for free VPN:

Making Deal Of Your Browsing Activity: Your online activity is purchased by data brokerage companies who sell your user details to third-party advertisers. In this free VPN vs Paid VPN, this problem makes free VPN less preferable. They can get information on the website you have visited and even the device you’re using. 

Fill-up With Ads: It is quite a common strategy that is used by free VPN services. They show ads on the app, as the users click them it benefits the service provider. Some of the ads are not safe for your device that may affect your device with viruses.

Force You to Get A Paid Version: Mostly free VPN service providers keep their free version with limited functions and several servers. It pressurize its customers to upgrade themselves to a paid version of it. 

What Are The Limitations Of Free VPN?

limitation of Free VPN

In the free VPN vs paid VPN, there are the disadvantages of using a free VPN.

Stability & Speed Issues: Free VPN offers a limited number of servers from a few countries. Initially, it offers a fast speed and then gradually drops down its speed. This limits you to get access to every country as it offers a few servers from limited countries.

Limited Data Usage: Mostly free VPN limits you to get safe online surfing up to 500 MB per month. With a free VPN, you can’t have an unlimited online surfing experience they may get slow down after a limit.

Bad Streaming Experience: There are only a few free VPNs that allow their users to unblock streaming sources. In this comparison of free VPN vs paid VPN, this negative aspect of free VPN made it lose the game. Mostly free VPNs can’t unblock the geo-restriction of most common streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Disney+. 

Privacy Issues: In a free VPN, we have shown that our data information is sold out to the third-party app. Free VPN services have the access to our online activities including personal and financial details which makes them not secure.

What Are Paid VPNs?

As it sounds, paid VPN offers a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription plan that offers fully secure VPN servers. They have unlimited bandwidth, support on multiple devices, and quality customer support. In this free VPN vs paid VPN now we are heading towards paid VPN that will help you to choose the better one.

Advantages Of Paid VPN

advantages of Paid VPN

There are paid VPN benefits that prove how it is better than a free VPN.

  • Stable and Fast Speed: Paid VPN offers a variety of high-speed servers that helps you to unblock any restricted content. You can surf online anonymously at a fast speed. Through the NordVPN coupons, you can use this fast server speed at a lower cost.
  • Claims Security: Mostly Paid VPN uses AES-256 encryption that transcript your readable data into the AES algorithm. This makes your online activity hidden from everyone this function makes your encrypted data hard to decode. This safest function is included in most paid VPNs and the CyberGhost discount code is the best way to get it.
  • High Numbers Of Servers: Paid VPN unblocks high numbers of servers that are active across all the countries. In this comparison of free VPN vs paid VPN, these features make paid VPN stand out. This can change your IP address and delivers a secure and unstoppable browsing experience.
  • Unblock Geo-Restriction Of Streaming Services: Paid VPNs can easily bypass the geo-restriction of any streaming websites and gaming sources. You have to connect with a certain country to access the restricted content of your country. Through the ExpressVPN coupon code, you can unblock every restriction of streaming sources at a lower purchasing cost.
  • Quality Customer Support: All paid VPN offers 24/7 customer service through live chat, e-mail, or phone to resolve their issues related t VPN.
  • Multiple Device Support Option: Paid VPN gives the option to its users that with one subscription you can connect multiple devices. Some of them offer unlimited device connection options. By using the Surfshark promo code you can get this feature at a lower cost.

Conclusion Of  Paid VPN VS Free VPN

In this free VPN vs paid VPN Reddit comparison makes this obvious that paid VPN is somehow a better choice than a free VPN. There are described various limitations of free VPN that make it less worth using. Paid VPN costs a bit amount but offers an unlimited speed of servers that help you to stay hidden online and block any restricted content. 

If you are using a free VPN then your data is not secure, it is upto you to keep safe your personal or financial information. For a better and more secure online surfing experience, you must switch to a paid VPN in this paid vs free VPN choice.

Which One Is Better Free VPN VS Paid VPN?

Free VPN limits you from fast and secure internet browsing and streaming while paid VPN helps you to get over such kinds of problems. Paid VPN let you stream and browse unlimitedly with high speed.

Is Free VPN Safe To Use?

Free VPNs earn by selling our internet activity and device data. This means it is not safe to use as they sold them to third-party ad companies. 

Is Paid VPN Reliable?

In this comparison of free VPN vs Paid VPN, we have found that paid VPN provides you the AES 256-bit encryption. This makes it safe from any hacker or third party which means your data can’t get accessed by anyone.

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