10 Uses Of The World Wide Web

In, today time internet is a very important thing in our life. This is a very basic need for all people. So, I try to describe and help you to provide some information about the internet and the 10 uses of the world wide web. WWW is also known as the worldwide web. 

WWW is the web center for storing all data and information, this is the virtual online space for storing all the documents, pdf, and images. videos, files in a systematic and different way and which is identified and known as URL (Uniform Resource Locators).

WWW(world wide web) uses hyperlinks in the terms of keywords. These links use the keyword and for the person who searches for any query, the hyperlinks help you to go to the other page. So in this article, we provide you with information about 10 uses of the world wide web and how people use the www in our daily life. 

History And Who Invented The WWW (World Wide Web)

The world wide web history is very informative and knowledgeable. In 1989 Sir Timothy Johns Berners-lee invented the WWW(world wide web) at that time he was working on CERN(European organization for nuclear research). He was also an English computer scientist at the oxford university. 

He was a very intelligent professor at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the making of the world wide web, CERN and NCSA have a very vital role. CERN has officially opened the world wide web for the public on 6 August 1991. 

The domain name system (DNS) is help to make URLs for access to web resources. DNS is using by the people since 1989. You can see the significance of WWW from here, that Queen Elizabeth II IN 2004  rewarded the award.

What Are The 10 Uses Of The World Wide Web(WWW)

The 10 purposes of using the world wide web are:

  •  Research and development purpose
  • Get News worldwide instantly (24X7)
  • Selling products online
  • Uses the internet for Publicity and Advertising
  • E-mailing and document sharing
  • For Communication
  • Accessing WWW sites for our work
  • Watching videos for entertainment
  • Students may also use it for online classes or for learning
  • Can grow business online
features of World Wide Web

Research And Development Purpose

 This is the first one from the 10 uses of the world wide web. People are using the internet for grabbing information in the WWW store information, some people are inserting in grab the information about the research and development and some are who those need this information so people come on the internet and read the article and blogs and see the video.

Get News Worldwide Instantly (24X7)

In today’s time, human beings don’t have so much time to see the news and read the newspaper, so the internet makes it easier for those people who don’t have time. People easily saw and read the news online instantly for use of www and type your favorite news channel and you read it.

Selling Products Online

If you have a store or any shop you can easily sell your product online. It helps you to grow your business and increase your opportunity with the help of using www, that is the best feature in all 10 uses of the world wide web.

Uses The Internet For Publicity And Advertising

In today’s time, people are very fast-growing with the help of www and the internet and some other related apps. Social media is a very big example of publicity and advertising for the help of social media people are very fast famous and increase our publicity.

E-Mailing And Document Sharing

With the help of the internet and seeing the importance of the www ( world wide web) some companies make crucial software and apk. In the earlier days, people were using letters to send messages about some important documents. For this, Google is provided some important software for those people. In this software, one famous apk is E-mail which helps clients to share their important files, and documents in google security terms.

For Communication

 As you know we are talking about 10 uses of the World Wide Web. so the one is this, The Internet is help people to communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. Most of the messaging apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and telegram these are the most famous apk to communicate with others.

 Accessing WWW Sites For Our Work

As you know how WWW ( world wide web) is work. So people use the www to access our sites on the internet and publicity by the use of WWW. example.com / https.example.com. This is an example of a URL. Also, you can use VPN to access sites that are blocked.

Watching Videos For Entertainment

The internet is also used for entertainment. People’s time passes watching videos and movies on the internet. The great and big platform for watching videos is Youtube. The www changed so many things, it helps us to easier our life.

Students May Also Use It For Online Classes Or For Learning

In the top 10 uses of the World Wide Web, this use is best for the student. It helps students to learn everything from the internet and catch online classes. Internet saves time for students to study better.

Can Grow Business Online

We also add one more use of www we are growing our business online, some sites are doing this job very nicely, these companies are helping people to sell their products online, this is how we understand how the importance of WWW. 

In this article, we are only telling you 10 uses of the world wide web, but there are so many uses of WWW(World Wide Web) and the importance of www. Humans are very much dependent on the internet.

FAQs Related To The World Wide Web

Here are the some of the top FAQs related to the World Wide Web that most of the users look for:

What Is The Biggest Benefit Of The World Wide Web?

The biggest advantage of using the World Wide Web is that you can get any information regarding anything from anywhere.

Is It Safe To Use World Wide Web?

It completely depends on the type of websites that you visit. However, mostly it is quite safe to use World Wide Web.

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